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BEEN THERE founders Aaron Brown and Lenny Barszap, alongside beneficiary The Other Ones Foundation, held BEEN THERE 2 music festival on November 11 at The Esperanza Community - a transitional housing community in Austin offering our unhoused neighbors lockable, climate-controlled tiny shelters, work opportunities and programming to put them on a supportive path towards stable housing and a safer, more dignified chapter in their lives. With the incredible atmosphere created by the artists, festival attendees and residents of the Esperanza Community all celebrating and dancing together, over $1 MILLION was raised in one night. This means that over 100 more shelters are able to be built to support our unhoused neighbors - absolutely phenomenal.


The day was magical and had an epic culmination where Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas), who just received his 10th GRAMMY nomination, joined alt hip-hop legends The Pharcyde on stage for a once-in-a-lifetime performance with live accompaniment from 10-piece Austin legends Brownout and many other incredible Austin-based artists. 


It was more than a music fest - it was a heartwarming gathering in the very place where the hard work is being done and allowed attendees to see first-hand the amazing progress that they were taking part in. It showed how the power of entertainment can build community and work toward putting some of our nation’s biggest challenges behind us.


This BEEN THERE poster features an original design by renowned illustrator Billy Perkins. With archival inks on fine art paper (Plain Smooth Cotton/Alpha-Cellulose Blend with a Bright White Matte Finish, 230 GSM), this limited run signed and numbered (run of 69) by the artist poster is perfect for fans of music, social impact and art. Get this exclusive design today and show off your unique style. NOTE: 12x18 PRINTS WILL NOT BE SIGNED/NUMBERED


BEEN THERE (#beenthere) is a movement dedicated to developing uplifting entertainment as a vehicle to spark impact and empathy. There is a new way to make films, events, music, and media that entertain but also create an engine for social good. The name “Been There” is meant to suggest that we can get past our nation's challenges and some day look back at them from a new perspective with empathy. The current focus is on the issue of homelessness where, in partnership with Austin nonprofit The Other Ones Foundation, the Been There music festivals use the power of music, culture and kinship with our unhoused neighbors to break down the barriers and asks the audience to think about what we can all do to make a difference; and we can have an incredibly joyful time doing it! Social impact doesn't have to be a gut punch. It takes an extreme effort to make entertainment. Wouldn’t it be amazing if that effort directly helped those in need right now and into the future?


10% of all proceeds from the sale of these shirts will benefit The Other Ones Foundation. 

BEEN THERE poster (sunrise, sunset or night) - Billy Perkins design

    • Plain Smooth Cotton/Alpha-Cellulose Blend with a Bright White Matte Finish, 230 GSM
    • 30x40, 18x24, 12x18 (unsigned) available
    • Limited runs of 69 prints per size
    • Signed & numbered by the artist
    • Billy Perkins design
  • We are filmmakers not fulfillment experts. You'll get your stuff and it will be amazing, but please be patient with us.

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